Motorcycle Touring “Most motorcyclists make use of their machines for the longer holidays, although there are those—a minority—who prefer to fix on a point, motor out and have done with the petrol until the return journey is due. Touring, however, is very good fun. New ground is explored, mountain passes only vaguely imagined are ridden, Cornish coves and Scottish rocks become realities, and there is something to satisfy the spirit of adventure which is latent in all of us. A word of advice is proffered here. Do not attempt too much. Eighty miles a day or a hundred every other day should be regarded as the maximum if the tour is not to degenerate into a mere succession of “blinds.” If the tour is to be to a distant district and a fortnight is the limit, it may be allowed that here is an occasion on which a long distance run is justifiable. Rise, then, with the lark, be on the road by 4am, and do your two hundred the first day; then start your tour.” —Excerpt, page 121, from ‘Handbook of Camping and Caravanning,’ published about 1925 by the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland.

so.marocco 2007


  1. A wonderful picture for a very intense trip, I remember very well.
    This year I visited again that unforgettable rocks: same silence, same magic atmosphere, but riding a different, older, bike, with a boxer engine

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