black and red,both bastard...

old photo, mr.carlo talamo with his sturgis in his milano garage

cofederate fighter combact,I took this photo at mermaid, milano

biker vs rider

rsd products... taste on the road!


warning, nsw police force...

melburne oil stainedbrain, custom motorcycleweek

duu, made in milano

roberto crepaldi gave me this photo, john and sammy talking about vun at TT

john surtees,look the knee...

sammy miller

motorcycles heroes

rc 30 notes on paper

art and motorcycles

vun mania, milano 1.05 pm

alexander mc queen boots (made in italy)

outside marchesi, milano

i find this customized sturgis in roberto rossi shop in mantova

years ago at the 57th, 1-3 february 2013

alex pinna, moons

old advertising ever nice to see...

dakar d'anatan...bast!

hell's gate 2013, february 17th, tuscany ,italy.extreme enduro race

june 14-15-16 prepare your bike!

love it # 647

andrea's fat boy and 883r

my sturgis from back

numerouno milano and the boss with the new sturgis from g.cabassi book...

sturgis 5 speed

milano 7.45 am, la galleria

snow on shovel

my shovel 1340

if you are so lucky to have a shovel, contact registro shovelhead italia

dario and roby in st tropez

love it

dott.nardi taste zero chopper

piazza liberty, milan, nice line bulding

husky notes...

supporters TT club

last evening from motorcycle,moved on 1340

like this #28

sportmax, milano, corso vittorio emanuele

my dog, acrylics colors on masonit

love sturgis

riky's bianchi cleaning after eroica race

srturgi+xr+four+ww=riders night at birrificio italiano just 30'from milan

alberto's sturgis